Starting Therapy

Getting Started

Starting Therapy - Chester County Couples TherapyTherapy is a place where you can share your deepest feelings and most vulnerable emotions safely and be listened to (without being judged) and accepted. This experience can be therapeutic in and of itself.

The process of finding a therapist and coming to therapy can feel daunting. Finding someone that you connect with is essential.

I offer a complimentary fifteen minute phone consultation, so we can talk about the issues that are bringing you to therapy and you can assess whether or not you feel comfortable enough to come in for a session with me.

What to Expect from Therapy

If you have come to my site because you are considering couple’s, individual or family therapy, here is what you can anticipate from me:
I am supportive, nonjudgmental, empathetic, and committed to creating a comfortable space where you can share your feelings and concerns.
You are the one that knows your background, what your life is like, and what you are feeling. We will examine this at your pace, respecting your comfort level.
It is my role to listen and ask questions that are meaningful. Everyone is individual and unique and together we can explore where you are coming from and what your life-experience is.
Please be comfortable asking questions or sharing your feelings about the therapy process (at any time) throughout the course of therapy. Focusing on reaching successful outcomes is key.
I am committed to creating a safe and trusting environment, where you can start to look at the issues that brought you to therapy in new and different ways and work towards (and hopefully achieve) your goals.
The core values that I want to integrate into your therapy experience are compassion, encouragement and inspiration.

Ending Therapy

Starting Therapy - Chester County Couples TherapyGood endings are an important part of a good relationship. I want the therapy experience and ending therapy to be a positive experience for you and you should feel comfortable with bringing this up and asking about it at any time. My goal is for you to leave therapy with the tools to move forward successfully, but if you need to touch base in the future, please call again.

The growth of my practice operates best via word of mouth. So if you are satisfied with your therapy experience and know of other couples, individuals or families that need my services, I would welcome your referrals.

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